Kurt Cobain – Happy 44th

We pause briefly from keeping the spotlight on Milwaukee’s music scene to focus on music in the broader sense. Kurt Cobain, the former Nirvana frontman, would have turned 44 today.

44. I wanted to post that because you can’t help but wonder how different the music landscape would be if Cobain hadn’t died in 1994. Hard to believe Cobain committed suicide 17 years ago. Even harder to believe he’d only be 44 today if still alive. Just think if Nirvana was still together and going strong along the lines of the Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi. Along with 2Pac and Biggie Smalls, some of the most influential musicians of an entire generation left the world too early, leaving voids that are yet to be filled. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Nirvana, but I’m a 90s music junkie and Cobain’s mark on music will never be forgotten. Anyone who is the lead flag carrier in ushering in an entirely new brand of music deserves all the credit bestowed upon him. RIP Kurt.

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Zach Wade Launches Live Music at Distil Tonight

Distil, the new cocktail lounge located on lively Milwaukee St., launches its live music act tonight with Zach Wade. Dubbed “Music Meets Mixology,” Wade kicks off what is to become a weekly event every Thursday night. Milwaukee St. establishments draw a very well dressed-night life crowd, but has had a major void in the live music scene.

I’m of the state of mind that Thursday night is one of the best nights for some local live acts. The weekend is in sight, the bars aren’t packed to the point of being unable to move and the weekend is in sight. Wade’s a great fit for a place launching a new music rollout, so kudos to Distil for filling the music void in one of the city’s most popular scenes. No word on who they’ll feature next Thursday, but if you go, dress to impress.

Programming Note: Our programmer (just pretend we have one for a moment) was changing some settings on the site and the appropriate time zone was changed momentarily. This post “Zach Wade Launches Live Music at Distil Tonight” was posted on Thursday, February 17. We apologize for the confusion. Distil’s Music Meets Mixology series will be every Thursday night, not Friday.

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Follow Friday

When it comes to radio that’s truly outside of the box, Milwaukee’s own 88.9 RadioMilwaukee needs no further introduction. Their programming does a masterful job of weaving in local acts, national acts not garnering significant radio play, diamonds in the rough, as well as a few up and coming groups on the cusp of stardom. Most people have heard of Mumford & Sons by now and their song “Little Lion Man.” RadioMilwaukee was playing it months before anyone else in town.

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Cheers to the weekend

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Water Street Getting Uglier

Coyote Ugly opens its doors smack dab in the middle of the Water St action tonight at 9 p.m. The CU powers that be are probably kicking themselves for not being ready for business prior to the Super Bowl, but I’m guessing the place will be packed tonight.

No definite word on if the new bar in town will offer up any live music, but Into The Day asked and once we get a response, we’ll let you know. (Or maybe we’ll just pay them a visit and do it the old fashioned way, sounds like a terrible time…) If they don’t serve up live music, the bar will probably draw many of the area’s top DJs on the weekends.

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Mike Mangione at Club Garibaldi

Mike Mangione (center) at Club Garibaldi in Bay View

I planned on dedicating a much deserved lengthy post on the Mike Mangione & The Union show at Club Garibaldi last Thursday, but I became deathly ill and it was a struggle to even leave the confines of my couch that night. It was even tougher to keep my head up the whole show because I felt so dizzy, but that’s not to take away from what was a truly memorable performance.

Club Garibaldi is not your average bar for live music. As you can see in the pic above, they have a legit stage, sound and lights system. It’s needed for Mangione to fit his five-piece band behind him, but I still couldn’t help but wonder how a band this talented, that creates such a well blended sound, is playing in a Bay View corner tap. It’s not everyday that you pay a tiny cover charge for live music at a bar and are greeted by a talented guitarist/frontman and a band boasting a guitar, upright bass, cello, violin and drum kit. It’s of my opinion that Mangione should be playing in venues double or triple the size of Club Garibaldi.

The intimate setting suits his style just fine however and those fortunate enough to brave the cold and take in his show enjoyed a set list featuring the majority of his most recognizable tunes like At Your Gate, Waiting For No One and It’s Me, Not You. It’s easy to see that Mangione is enjoying what he’s doing, with plenty of playful banter on stage with his brother, Tom, who plays the guitar. They didn’t just plod their way through a 45 minute set either, rather playing for nearly two hours. Believe me, it was six bucks well spent to hear some of the best acoustic/soul music in town.

Guilty omission that I grew up playing the drums, so that is always the instrument I pay the most attention to besides the front man at any show I attend. So I felt it necessary to point out how rock solid bassist John Collins was. I’m a sucker for a good bass line and Collins laid down a lot of them, keeping the whole arrangement together without being flashy, which to me, is the mark of a tremendous bassist.

Make sure to check out Mangione’s Website by clicking the link at either the top of this post or to the right in the “Bands/Musicians” area.

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Follow Friday

The Water Street scene isn’t for everyone, but it remains one of the busiest districts for nightlife in Milwaukee and for good reason. There are plenty of bars, something for everyone. A certain venue has emerged from the pack in our eyes, Red Rock Saloon. MKE’s first country bar, which also books lots of great local country music talent.

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Cheers to the weekend

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Into The Day: Update

We’ve been up and running here at Into The Day for a little over a week, and while we’re still a work in progress, we’ve also made some nice strides in that time. Created a new, much better looking header to the site, and we continue to add links that we hope all visitors will find useful.

We link directly to the events pages of different venues and bars so you can easily surf through who is playing and where. If there’s a venue you think should be listed let us know, we’re adding new ones daily.

The main purpose of this site remains focused on local MKE musicians and bands, but we’ll also touch on some of the bigger touring acts that are stopping in town every now and then.

Finally, we’ve synced our Twitter feed directly to the site, so you can keep tabs on quick updates about the scene that way, as not everything will get its own blog post. Give us a follow at: @Into_The_Day.

More updates and features are in the works, we’ll definitely let you know when they launch.

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