Kurt Cobain – Happy 44th

We pause briefly from keeping the spotlight on Milwaukee’s music scene to focus on music in the broader sense. Kurt Cobain, the former Nirvana frontman, would have turned 44 today.

44. I wanted to post that because you can’t help but wonder how different the music landscape would be if Cobain hadn’t died in 1994. Hard to believe Cobain committed suicide 17 years ago. Even harder to believe he’d only be 44 today if still alive. Just think if Nirvana was still together and going strong along the lines of the Rolling Stones or Bon Jovi. Along with 2Pac and Biggie Smalls, some of the most influential musicians of an entire generation left the world too early, leaving voids that are yet to be filled. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of Nirvana, but I’m a 90s music junkie and Cobain’s mark on music will never be forgotten. Anyone who is the lead flag carrier in ushering in an entirely new brand of music deserves all the credit bestowed upon him. RIP Kurt.

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