Zach Wade Launches Live Music at Distil Tonight

Distil, the new cocktail lounge located on lively Milwaukee St., launches its live music act tonight with Zach Wade. Dubbed “Music Meets Mixology,” Wade kicks off what is to become a weekly event every Thursday night. Milwaukee St. establishments draw a very well dressed-night life crowd, but has had a major void in the live music scene.

I’m of the state of mind that Thursday night is one of the best nights for some local live acts. The weekend is in sight, the bars aren’t packed to the point of being unable to move and the weekend is in sight. Wade’s a great fit for a place launching a new music rollout, so kudos to Distil for filling the music void in one of the city’s most popular scenes. No word on who they’ll feature next Thursday, but if you go, dress to impress.

Programming Note: Our programmer (just pretend we have one for a moment) was changing some settings on the site and the appropriate time zone was changed momentarily. This post “Zach Wade Launches Live Music at Distil Tonight” was posted on Thursday, February 17. We apologize for the confusion. Distil’s Music Meets Mixology series will be every Thursday night, not Friday.

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